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We’re raising money for our production of Macbeth and we need your help to make it happen!

With the struggle that we’re all facing in the aftermath of the pandemic and ruthless cuts to the arts, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to do our best work. We’re asking you to join forces with us and become a vital part of bringing this iconic opera to life. With your support, we can put on an unforgettable show that brings our community together!


Who We Are

Paisley Opera is first and foremost a company for the people of Paisley and the surrounding areas. We get together to sing and make friends, and also put on full-scale operas with top-class soloists and a full orchestra!


Dare to sing OPERA!

As Urban Opera, we put on our first performance in Paisley at the University of The West of Scotland in December 2015. Since then we have been planning on how best to make the company a real part of this great town.

We want to create a company that the people of Paisley can be proud of. This means creating and staging opera in unpredictable and unusual places close to the streets of the town. It means opening the doors and inviting people in to watch our work and to work with us. This means sharing a great art with great people. It’s a different way of making opera, one that we’ve put a lot of thought, experience and research into.

It doesn’t matter if you have never sung before… One of our tenors had only ever sung on football terraces!


I didn’t know I could sing and didn’t know anything about opera, like most people I thought it was a bit posh and not for me, but now I love it!


It’s tremendously encouraging to see opera initiatives springing up away from the formality of the city theatres.

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